UBC Schedule Finder
v1.0 - 29-04-2017
A utility that allows UBC students to generate timetables based on a list of courses.
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Strength Standards
v1.0.10 - 02-10-2016
An Android and iOS application developed with Apache Cordova. It allows the user to calculate and track their one repetition maximums across various weightlifting exercises.
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SkillsAlberta • Website Development
v1.0 - 14-05-2015
A website developed in Adobe Dreamweaver CC using a combination of PHP, HTML, and CSS. I placed first in the SkillsAlberta 2015 Provincial Skills Canada Competition, which was held over two days from May 13th to 14th, 2015. For the competition we were given 12 hours to design and develop a website for a client (a tropical resort) as well as stock images and copy-text.
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IN DEVELOPMENT - 12-04-2015
A web-based remake of Pokemon Emerald for the Game Boy Advance created entirely in Adobe Flash (AS3). It also implements a multiplayer system, allowing players to explore, battle, and trade items and Pokemon with one another. It is not yet finished.
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Blockd: The Breaker Game
v1.2.7 - 19-12-2014
An Android and iOS game created with Adobe Air (AS3). The player swipes/drags their finger to select blocks adjacent to one another of the same colour. When the player releases, the blocks are destroyed and the remaining ones cascade down.
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GemCrusher: Slide 'n Crush
v1.0.2 - 27-06-2014
An Android and iOS game created with Adobe AIR (AS3) with a focus on puzzle elements. The player shifts the game board of "gems", combining gems of the same type/level.
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v1.00 - 23-08-2012
A web-based platformer/puzzle game created in Adobe Flash (AS3) over the span of two weeks. I worked with two other individuals who created the art and designed the levels. The player controls a character as they push pieces of trash into bins and try to not get themselves stuck in the process.
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